CFD 135—Nory Behana & Heather Jaffe


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The goal of this assignment is to give you an opportunity to learn more about your family, genetic predispositions, environmental influences and apply knowledge you are gaining in this course to the analysis of your family of origin and the influences of various situations and experiences on you and your family.  (FOR ALL NAMES IN THIS ASSIGNMENT, USE ONLY FIRST NAMES—EXCEPT FOR INCLUDING YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME ON THE COVER SHEET.)

This entire assignment will be completed in a Power Point file and must be submitted in one file.  It needs to be readable, so carrying items from page to page to make print large enough to read is often necessary and encouraged. 

Part 1 – Genogram (10 points based on thoroughness and following directions)

In Part 1, you will construct a Genogram of your family tracing your family of origin on both the maternal and the paternal sides back to your great grand-parents (i.e., 4 generations—you, your parents, your grandparents, and your great-grandparents).  Use Power Point.  Feel free to be creative! Photos are helpful.  You will not be sharing it in class, but you will be expected to download the file to Blackboard to submit it.  If you need help with Power Point or Blackboard, see the help desk at the library.

Use the symbols provided and display a symbol for each family member.  Number each symbol to correlate with the information provided on the Factual Data Sheet (Part 2).  This may take one or more separate slides in Power Point.


General Criteria:

·               Include 4 generations representing both maternal and paternal sides of the family.

·               Draw men on the left and women on the right (except in complex situations, then just explain)

·               Draw siblings in chronological order with the first born on the left.

·               Use appropriate symbols for males and females.

·               Use appropriate symbols for marriage, divorce, unmarried couples, adoptions, etc.

·               Start with yourself and highlight your symbol—you are to be labeled #1.

·               Numbers should coincide with the Factual Data Sheet which is Part 3.

Genogram Symbols

MALE:                        FEMALE:                               DEATH: 


MARRIAGE: Husband on left, wife on right:           


CHILDREN:  Listed in birth order, beginning on the left with the oldest:

1 child:                                                3 children:

                |_________|                                         |_________|

                                     |                                                  |       |          |

Twins M/F:                                                     Twins F/F:     

                           |_________|                                          |_________|

                                 __|_                                                _____|____                                        

Current Pregnancy:                                         Miscarriage or abortion:

                           |_________|                                         |_________|                                  


Living together:                                               Marital separation:

            |_ _ _ _ _ _ |                                            |_____/____|


Divorce:                                                          Adoptive or Foster Children:

               |_____//___|                                                      |_________|      

                        //                                                               |                 |

Part 2 –Factual Data Sheet (10 points based on thoroughness and following directions)

The third part of your project is a factual data sheet that is to be typed in chart form.  You can use Word or some other typing program for this part of the project.  You must provide 10 columns with as many rows as numbered symbols on your Genogram.  The information provided in each column will correspond to the family member represented by number on the Genogram.  A sample is given below, but you may find that setting it up in Landscape instead of Portrait will give you more space to use.  The length will depend upon the number of family members included and the amount of information about each one.  Feel free to extend some columns to allow for enough space to accommodate your answers.

 The 10 columns are:

1.     Number (correlates to Genogram)

2.     Name

3.     Relationship to you

4.     Date of birth/death

5.     Approximate date of marriage/divorce/remarriage

6.     Occupation/profession

7.     Major life events

8.     Physical/health problems

9.     Personality traits

10.  Rituals/traditions

Include a minimum of 10 family members including you.  If you cannot provide information for a column put in a “?”  Do not leave a column blank. Dates can be estimated.

This is intended to be an opportunity to connect with family members, gather unknown information and share family stories.

If any part of this project creates a problem for you such as in cases of adoption, foster care, divorces, estranged family members, etc., please see me about finding enough family members to use in the project and/or conduct an alternate project based on those issues.

Feel free to have the columns extend to accommodate your information, YOU ARE NOT LIMITED TO 10, THAT IS THE MINIMUM.

Part 3 – Family Profile (30 points based on thoroughness and accuracy in applying concepts from the text to the family dynamics and use of APA format along with correct grammar and spelling.)

(Content to be equivalent to approximately 3-5 pages of narrative text–double spaced, 12-point font if it were in a regular paper.  In Power point, you can single space to save space.  Don’t skimp.)

This part of your paper describes the characteristics and composition of your family of origin. It should be written in text (narrative) form and follow APA (American Psychological Association) guidelines.  In the narrative parts of your Family Profile, cite the text with the correct citation format relating text information to topics covered.  Cite the text at least 10 times in this section.  For example, when you discuss your family’s SES, you could define it citing the text before continuing with analysis of your family’s SES.  A lot of the grading will consist of analyzing the quality of the text material chosen and how it is related to the family situation described.  You will be graded on both the quantity and the quality of the citations.  They are best done with an explanation of the term or concept and then applying it to your narrative.

Your family profile should include the following sections:

1.     Composition of your family of origin, including ages of all members, gender and sibling order.  Describe the personality of each and analyze the influence the influence each has had upon your development.

2.     Occupations of parent(s), education achieved and SES—Socioeconomic Status.  Describe and analyze the influence the influence each has had upon your development.

3.     Size and type of community/communities in which your family lived during your birth-18 years of age. Describe and analyze the influence the influence each has had upon your development.

4.     Location and connections with extended family members. Describe and analyze the influence the influence each has had upon your development.

5.     Health status of you and your immediate family. Describe and analyze the influence each has had upon your development.

Family health and behavior patterns are often transmitted from one generation to the next.  For the closing of Part 3, identify the generational transmissions in your family.  Refer to your completed Part 1 and Part 2 of your project for this information.


  • Do all of the work in one Power Point file, even the grid and narrative parts
  • Submit it on the Blackboard site for this course using the “Turnitin” link.
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