Gender representation in media.

To discuss gender representation in media Fox studios action-drama “24” is considered to be an exceptional text that covers present-day representation of gender issues in the present industry of television. “24” being conventional to a few earlier socially accepted demonstration of gender, at the same time as it also endeavors to reconstruct, redefine and face up to many others. In several ways, gender representation can be explained, but only two of them are being used that appear appropriate according to the issues.

To examine the founding principles of representation we need to look at the unbounded history of different cultures’ intimate creation of reality. A reality created by and based upon their cultures individually shared conventions for understanding and representing the world they physically see around them. This idea of expressing the meaning of images that inhabit the physical world around us lends itself to the notion that “perspective is an actual cultural convention” that has led to mankind creating a representation of matter since the beginning of time. (Fekete, 2001)

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It is a representations ever-progressing journey through historical and social periods that has allowed many different perceptive and ideologies of gender to be defined. For example, Biologists would claim that the genetic makeup of the sexes defines their different characteristics. They justify this theory by expressing the fact that there are definite, if not minute, differences within the genetics of our DNA structures. This is not a theory shared by most sociologists and social philosophers who believe that human gender differences originate from “male patriarchal dominance over society throughout history”. (Leman and Duveen, 2003)

It is this history of male patriarchies in society along with the scientific idea that it is simply natural to place limitations upon females in regard to their involvement in society that has helped to define a stereotypical gender framework. (Molly, 2003) This gender framework has led to the formation of gender assessments based on a limited number of expected or acceptable traits for each gender: for example, men must appear strong and self-assured whilst women should be caring, dependent and maternal.

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