Gender issues in marriage

Culture determines the way they approach and perceive different situations. One of the most essential cultural aspects is the right of passage from singlehood to marriage hood. All the cultures around the world embrace this process due to its significance in the sustainability of society. All cultures view marriage as an essential aspect of life. These same cultures however have different reasons for marriage. The relationship between two parties involves a set of rules that are ideal for the survival of the marriage. This creates the need for social roles that define the role of both individuals. There are different types of marriages that are brought about by the different cultures in society. These marriages have different rules that dictate the way members of the community should behave. Despite the different rules that the marriages have, one factor that they have in common is that they all cannot avoid a discussion on gender issues (Ferraro and Andreatta, p. 341).

The focus of this paper is to present an analysis of gender issues in marriage. There are different types of marriages that are a direct result of the cultures that people belong to. The paper seeks to provide an opinion on the notion that states that “No consideration of marriage can avoid a discussion of gender issues”. These arguments will be supported by selected ethnographic illustrations to support the research.

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Gender issues in marriage
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As stated earlier, different cultures have their own definitions and perspective of marriage. These cultures dictate the rules of marriage thus providing the basis upon which marriages are formed. There are different reasons that make a couple choose to get married. One of the reasons people get married is to produce offspring. The society requires the reproduction between man and woman for its sustainability. If a society has a low&nbsp.birth rate, it faces the risk of having a diminishing population.

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