GE study case.

I will pay for the following article GE study case. The work is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. GE Case Study Strategy GE Globalization Strategy to expand its portfolio) The key aim of globalization was to allowGE to exploit international economies of scale in order to improve its portfolio and to take advantage of any opportunities in the international markets as they arise. The main strategy used by Welch in expending GE’s portfolio was simply performance and efficiency, which helped in setting the company apart from other organizations in the industry. Welch constantly encouraged the employees to perform to the best of their ability and nothing less. The employees constantly took the challenged to improve their skills and hence their overall performance. Consequently, this has resulted in a high product differentiation for GE, which gives it competitive advantage over other competing firms in the industry.

2. System (Semiconductors, Radio Station, Internet)

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Most organization do not take full advantage of what the internet and radio stations has to offer in terms of reaching more customers. In the beginning, Welch was against the idea of digitization, but once he found out the advantages that came with it he fully accepted the prospect and used it to its fullest potential. In addition, digitization has helped in widespread discovery of new opportunities not only in terms of improving internal knowledge but also in relation to customer satisfaction.

3. Skills (Competencies of Staff)

GE is one of the best performing companies in the 21st century. This can be attributed by the high level of performance among the employees. The employees constantly undergo training in order to ensure that they explore their skills to the fullest and give their best to the organization. In addition, the employees were free to speak their mind on the running of the organization and any improvements if necessary and if it would see them perform better.

4. Staff

The staff in GE is highly diversified which helps in ensuring that everyone brings something new to the table. The diversity is in terms of not only culture but also age. In addition, communication is the key to success for many organization, the staff at GE are free to express any concern they may have and any areas, which the management can improve on in order to improve their performance. This is beneficial in ensuring low employee turnover, which in the end is beneficial for the organization.

5. Structure (Functional structure of GE)

The overall organization structure of GE is based on a formal organizational structure, which incorporates the hierarchical system. At the very top of the structure are the shareholders, the Corporate Executive Office and the Board of Directors. In the middle, we find the Chairman and the CEO who play the role of an intermediary between the top of the structure and the presidents of the seven other sectors of the organization. Clearly, GE takes the form of a small organization in the mask of a large company. At the top are the executive leaders followed by the middle managers and lastly comes the floor employees.

6. Style (Welch leadership Style)

The main distinctive feature that sets apart Welch from other CEOs is his drive for performance. From the onset, he aimed at restructuring GE’s business portfolio and redesigning its organizational structure and management systems. When one views the overall culture pre-existing in the organization, they go with Welch’s personal beliefs and values. Overall, he reshaped and restructured the organization in his own personal image in order to foster a reflection of his own personality and belief system. This in turn helped in creating a sense of belonging among the employees and hence in turn affecting their overall performance and the organizations overall performance.

7. Shared Value

Most large organization to ignore the markets in developing countries since they feel the consumers will likely not be able to afford their products. However, GE took the initiative of developing products to meet the needs of the people in these countries. Innovations that are based on GEs main technologies, like a low-priced ultrasound machine that transmits its pictures through the Internet devoid of a computer, are already improving the lives of women in rural villages all over the developing world.

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