Gay & lesbian rights

I need some assistance with these assignment. gay & lesbian rights Thank you in advance for the help! Anytime one deals with an interest related issue with regards to finance, the central issue of the best means to allocate such a resource ultimatelycomes up. With regards to the given case in point, the central issue is with regards to the best means of how to allocate the limited resources that the particular human rights campaign has with regards to the litany and full range of programs that could benefit the gay and lesbian population. As a function of this level of analysis, the following research will seek to point to the best means of resource allocation with regards to the way in which the utility of the gay and lesbian community might most efficiently be met. Accordingly, although there are many solid contenders among the list that represent an appropriate means whereby the group could expend the money, the most effective means, according to this author, is to engage in a further level of spending with regards to battle against hate crimes. The main reasons for this will be elaborated upon within this brief analysis paper. Firstly, the fact of the matter is that the other areas of proposed funding only affect specified groups within the homosexual community. however, a further level of funding with regards to seeking to slow and ultimately stop the spread and exhibition of hate crimes will benefit not only the members within the homosexual and transgendered community, but will also help lower the overall crime rate within the geographic locations engaged with. Accordingly, seeking to allocate money in such an aspect of the gay/lesbian/transgender rights movement will effectively protect a high number of individuals that are not currently counted among their ranks. Due to the fact that the largest percentage of gay/lesbian hate crimes are perpetrated against individuals within secondary and high schools around the United States, the fact of the matter is that the overall number of people who might be helped from such allocations cannot truly be known. Thirdly, with regards to the means of resource allocation that will be the most influential in creating a key victory with regards to a further level of gays/lesbians/transgender being able to exercise and obtain rights, it is the understanding of this author that the ENDA (Employment Non-Discrimination Act) will be the most effective means whereby this particular process will take place (Rudin 339). Although there are a number of current legal constraints in place with regards to the level to which an individual’s civil rights within the employment sphere, seeking to further safeguard these by the education of otherwise disenfranchised members of the gay/lesbian and transgendered communities will not only help to spread the word with regards to the rights and privileges that they should respect to receive within the employment sphere, it also helps to integrate an understanding of the fact that the gay/lesbian/transgendered community takes the exhibition of their rights seriously and helps to promote further breakthroughs with regards to such issues of legality, discrimination, and acceptance that these communities can enjoy within society. All in all, these two areas are believed to represent the greatest needs. Although seeking to allocate limited resources across a very broad range of needs is ultimately a non-enviable job, the fact of the matter is that the need to choose between solid programs exists for any stakeholder of a human rights organization that is charged with making such important decisions. The most salient fact to remember in such a situation is the fact that one cannot let decisions of emotion or personal interests cloud the logic that one must integrate with. If it is proven that the greatest utility will come from a given decision with regards to how the money is spent, then it should necessarily be the choice of the shareholder to pursue such an end. Finally, it must be understood that if the stakeholders were to merely splitting the money between all of these needs in an equal fashion, the situation that would unfold would be one in which the total allocated monies to each individual program would be insufficient to accomplish any specific goals. As a result, the need to choose one or two program within which to focus the spending becomes plainly evident. Moreover, as a result of focusing money within but a few programs, the level of oversight and integration that the leadership of such an organization can provide is able to more closely integrate key changes and evolving dynamics in an efficient manner. Work Cited Rudin, Joel. “Halfway Out: Why America’s Sexual Minorities Deserve Better Than The Employment Non-Discrimination Act.” Journal Of Workplace Rights 16.3/4 (2011): 337-351. Business Source Premier. Web. 10 Apr. 2013.

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Gay & lesbian rights
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