Games As The Medium Of Stress Relief

Cricket evolved as a game from unknown time in the history, but with the enthusiasm of more and more people to pursue this game, the popularity and the cricketing culture formed part of the world’s English dominance. The influence of literature in popularizing this game was a major contributor to the development of a new culture that promoted the expansion of cricket across various countries. More importantly, cricket evolved as a mentor of the sports culture with greater consideration for the beautification of the game by eliminating possible rivalries that sustained during the

ancient sports history. As many more people entered the game with expectations of prestige-over-entertainment, the aesthetic approach to the game evolved and as a result, cricket itself had forced on people, a class-difference of involvement based on their wealth and social status. As Bateman (2009, p. 7) opines, in the early stage, cricket used to be a stage where the players classified themselves as amateurs or professionals. in which the former class opted to bat as their favorite element of the game while the latter had to choose the more laborious and less glamorous area of bowling. Though this separatist views about the cosmetic image of cricket continued for a long time, it was really a synopsis of the upcoming trend of cricket growing as a professional entertainment and a largely attractive game with rules and regulations steering the matches. The contributions from different forms of the game as well as the rules and laws that were designed for the regulation of the activities and decisions involved in a match eventually made cricket a game of absolute honor and extreme dignity. Therefore, one can easily say that the institutional addition of literature and law to the game perfectly turned it a gentleman’s game.

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Games As The Medium Of Stress Relief
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