Galactic Office Furniture: the Role of the HR Managers.

Overarching human resource philosophies, which specify the values that inform an organizations policies and practices”. On the other hand, it should be mentioned that HRM can operate differently in every firm in accordance with the skills of the employees, the financial strength of the firm and its targets both in the long and the long term. In this context, Sims (2002, 3) found that human resources involve HRM programs aimed at developing HRM strategies for the total organization with an eye toward clarifying an organization’s current and potential problems and developing solutions for them. they are oriented toward action, the individual, the global marketplace, and the future’. In accordance with the above the role of the HRM within a particular organization is significant. however because of the existence of many factors that can influence the effectiveness of the programs suggested by this department, it is necessary that the appropriate measures have been taken in advance in order to avoid any negative outcome during the implementation or the application processes. In Galactic Office Furniture Ltd one of the major problems that need to be resolved by the human resource department is the low productivity of the employees that have led to the reduction of the firm’s financial performance. Because of this issue, it is necessary that a series of plans are implemented in the specific company. However, in this case, the reaction of the employees in the changes proposed would have to be considered carefully by the HR managers. As it is admitted by the firm’s Training and Development Manager ‘isn’t it going to be difficult to persuade people around here that you can be trusted?’ It seems that the environment in the workplace is not really friendly for employees neither for managers.

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Galactic Office Furniture: the Role of the HR Managers.
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