Franchising in indonesia Paper

The term franchising may be defined as a business process where an established business (known as franchiser) licenses its trademarks for products and services with tried and proven methods of doing business to a franchisee (generally an aspiring entrepreneur) in exchange for a recurring payment, and usually a percentage of gross sales or gross profits and in most cases a fixed annual fees. Indonesian Government Regulation 16 defines franchising as “an agreement where a party (Franchisee) is granted a right to utilize and/or to make use of intellectual property rights or inventions or special characteristics of a business owned by the other party (Franchisor) based on payment as determined by the Franchisor for supplying or marketing certain products and/or services. The Franchisor and the Franchisee can be entities or individuals”.

McDonald’s is the world’s largest chain of fast-food restaurants. Hamburgers, chicken, French fries, milkshakes, and soft drinks are the main items that McDonald’s offers. More recently, it has also added salads, fruit, snack wraps, and carrot sticks to its menu.

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Franchising in indonesia Paper
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McDonalds Corporation has developed a unique franchise business model. In addition to ordinary franchise fees, supplies, and percentage of sales, McDonald’s also collects rent, partially linked to sales. As a condition of the franchise agreement, the Corporation owns the properties on which most McDonalds franchises are located (

TONI&GUY is considered as the most powerful hairdressing brand in the world. The company is constantly evolving artistically and commercially. It offers the best education on the planet and boasts fabulous product ranges and a dynamic and modern image.&nbsp.Moreover, TONI&GUY is&nbsp.the only hairdressing company to be awarded Superbrand status and they truly represent the catwalk-to-client philosophy (

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