Fortune 500 CEO of Boeing.

Hi, need to submit a 750 words paper on the topic Fortune 500 CEO of Boeing. As stated in the ‘executive biographies’, The honors and recognition he received include John W. Dixon Award (2011) from the Association of the U.S. Army, Turning Point Award (2012) from the U.S. Army War College Foundation, Semper Fidelis Award (2012) from the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation, and National Management Association’s Executive of the Year (2008). McNerney has been a big success as a strategic leader throughout his extensive career. The key aspect of his strategic leadership is the emphasis he gives to the growth of others. Unlike many other entrepreneurs, Jim gives more importance to his crew than the company’s strategy or product. He disclosed this strategy to Fortune’s Geoffrey Colvin. “I start with people’s growth because I believe that if the people who are running and participating in a company grow, then the company’s growth will in many respects take care of itself” (Colvin). Another unique quality of this strategic leader is that he seldom fears change but enjoys it. Admittedly, in the current global market, the Boeing Company has numerous potential opportunities.

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