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Answer these 2 questions 

Q1-what is the difference between deontological and teleological ethics?  Use examples to explain, hopefully from your real life and/or work experiences.

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Q2-Thinking about  the various ethical frameworks, which would you choose to incorporate into your work place and why?

Make 1 comment for each student : 

Student 1 : 
 As I watched the video, nothing new came to mind, but it did make me reflect on ethics in the business world. As I have learned in classes about unethical decisions individuals or companies as whole has made, it makes me of us wonder why the did it. I think it is about the morals you set for yourself. If you don’t have set morals, then you may push the unethical boundary and before you know it, you have participated in a huge scandal. If you decide where your morals are in the work place, then you will never push those. I don’t have specific experience, but when I see people do things that I don’t feel is very ethical, it makes me realize my morals are higher then their morals are in that scenario. If the company you work for has good ethics, then you know that you are working for a place you want to work for and won’t have to worry as much about pushing your morals 

Student 2 : 
 The video of Business Ethic on the Job did lay out some excellent points on when lying may be good and acceptable, such as a white lie to maintain a civil and social decorum like the example of the dinner party. It would be considered honest but rude to tell the dinner host that their food and company was terrible, but it would be considered proper to lie in that situation. It is also expected in certain situations such as poker to lie as that is the natural part of the game. I would agree that while in certain social situations, lying is acceptable, but in a area of professionalism such as a business, when people are giving you money and are expecting you to provide a service, or any other professional exchange, credibility and decorum are expected, and lying in that setting is wrong and does you and the individual you are dealing with an injustice. 

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