Food Disparities between Classes.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Food Disparities between Classes. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The nutritional disparity is largely dependent on the economical status not only of an individual but also of different countries as well. The nutritional disparity is primarily important since it has a direct effect on the health and nutrition of society. The richer classes who have more money in hand, therefore, have more food choices available to them while the poorer classes have a lesser choice and thus nutritional disparity sets leading to health problems, especially among the poorer classes. The case is also the same in countries where several food options are available compared to others in which such options are limited. Thus, social disparity leads to a nutritional gap which subsequently results in problems with health and well-being.

In the present economy, the rich have more money to spare while to poorer lives under constrained conditions. This gap in the economic conditions also has an immediate effect on the eating habits of the people. According to a study conducted by researchers in Harvard who studied the eating habits of 29,000 Americans in the last decade, the quality and the quantity of the diet consumed by those who are of higher socioeconomic classes improved over this period whereas that of the poorer sections reduced (Weiss, 2014).

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Food Disparities between Classes.
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It is well known that the eating habits of people are dependent on his socioeconomic status, level of education and income since the diet of a person is directly related to diet costing. The richer populations, i.e. the population who have more money to spare on food and have the ability to invest the money on good food are given the power to select their diet. They are in fact spoilt for choices because of this economical advantage. They can purchase nutritional food and even healthy foods including the more costly organic ones. They can also afford to purchase different kinds of proteins for their diet and a wide array of vegetables along with other healthy food products.

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