Flowchart Guidelines

1. If the flowchart can not fit on one page, use two pages. If the flowchart of the site extends beyond the bottom of page and/or the right margin, place an arrow at the bottom page and/or at the right margin showing that the flowchart will continue onto the next page. On the second page at the top margin and/or left margin, indicate if this page is a continuation from the bottom of the first page and/or continuation from the right side of the first page.

2. For flowcharts that extend beyond the second page of your document, follow this procedure. The right most flowchart box on the second page will be a composite box representing the web pages that can not be fitted on the second page of flowchart document. In the composite box, indicate the number of web pages represented. Place a label on the document stating what web pages are represented in the composite flow chart box.

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Flowchart Guidelines
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3. If there are links back to the level above, there will be a label on the document indicating that there are links back to each web page in the first/second level or indicate the specific web page to which the pages are linked at the first/second level.

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