Flight Simulators.

However, before any flight simulator is used for any aviation purpose, it must be evaluated and certified by various authorities like the National Aviation Authority (3). In Canada, this responsibility falls within the mandate of the National Certification Authority and Transport Canada (TC). The device is normally evaluated against a given set of criteria focusing on different aspects.

Despite the presence of several types of simulators in the aviation field, the aviation regulators have classified these simulators into three major classes. Full- flight simulators (FFS) flight training devices (FDT), and flight navigation and procedure trainers (FNPT). The full flight simulators are the most comprehensive and consist of completely closed cockpits which create the impression of real aircraft (4). They use very accurate 3D simulations in the training process. The FFS produced by cueSim is certified by the Transport Canada TC and given Level B qualification. This simulator is effective in the training of pilots for S76C++ aircraft types (4). CueSim has been awarded several qualifications for most of its simulators. FFS simulators play a very important role in the initial and recurrent training of the pilots in order to enhance their skills. In this regard, the FSS is granted certifications by different authorities in different countries. While dealing with the flight simulators, the authorities normally differentiate between the technical ability of the simulator and its use in the training process. The evaluation is meant to ascertain the replication of the simulator for training purposes (4).

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On the other hand, the flight navigation and procedure trainers (FNPTs) offer most of the services realized in the FFS but without the six-axis moving the base. These simulators are normally used in certain levels of flight training and recertification purposes.&nbsp.

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