Financial Plan for New Energy Drink. 

Profitability is what that defines the success of a venture and hence financial planning is of paramount importance for the stakeholders. The financial plan for this energy drink will be developed based on projected sales and cost figures. In order to present a financial plan for the energy drink, four major financial statements will be prepared. These projected financial statements are marginal costing, break-even analysis, cash budget, income statement and balance sheet. However, before presenting these financial statements, a brief overview of new energy drink will be discussed. Finally, this paper will conclude by summing up the entire financial plan.

The global beverage sector had experienced a rapid growth in the last decade. The primary reason for this growth can be attributed to the changing lifestyles and food habits of people. In recent years, beverages like cola, energy drinks, packaged fruit juice and other health drinks have become very popular in the market. Especially, the energy drinks have become a rave with the youngsters. Health consciousness has become an important determinant in the beverage sector. In this sector, Pepsi Co and Coca-Cola are the prominent leaders. However, there are also other companies like Red Bull, Power Trip etc who offer energy drinks.

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Financial Plan for New Energy Drink. 
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‘Power Health’ is the name of the energy drink offered by the new start-up venture. Power Health will stand as a better alternative to the existing range of energy drinks. It will contain optimum level of protein, fat, carbohydrates, energy, vitamins, fructose syrup etc that is a very vital factor for enhancing the health and energy of the human body. The energy drink, Power Health will be available in a 250ml can and its initial selling price is £3 per 250ml can.&nbsp.

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