finance case study

What you have to do in CASE 7: The Financial Detective, 2005

Identify which set of numbers (A, B, C, etc.) belongs to which company described in the case. Justify your choice by the appropriate ratios and the significant differences in them. Explain the difference by the way the company is doing business in that industry.

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finance case study
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In the Case Report, you must relate the description to the company (A,B,C,etc.) and list and discuss the ratios that justify your choice.  You will need more than one ratio to support your choice.  The chosen ratio must be relevant to the industry

you have to mention and analysis the biggest differencea ratio in the 2 company

 I recommend you use the following general format.

1.     Introduction: (a) to the case (b) the problem or situation (c) the people involved (when applicable).  This should be a few paragraphs (as needed).

2.     Analysis: Most cases will require both quantitative and qualitative analysis. You must show step by step, all formulas used, and all calculations performed.  If you like, some of the details can be moved to the appendix.  Spreadsheets should be uploaded as separate documents. It is not enough just to do the number crunching.  You must explain and interpret all your analysis.

3.     Conclusions: Some cases require you to make recommendations.  You will have to justify them with the appropriate arguments and calculations.  You can also write here any additional things you recommend the company should do or look at.

the work must be complet 7 pasges . and must be your original work.

There is a sample answer .  

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