Finance and marketing at cuero limited.

The Human Resource performance is appraised using the Critical incident method where the performance of the staff is appraised after assessing the positive and negative areas of their work. After the performance is analyzed, a suitable recommendation as to the improvement of this function is also stated.

Human resource is defined as “The people that staff and operate an organization”. as contrasted with the financial and material resources of an organization. Human Resources is also the organizational function that deals with the people and issues related to people such as compensation,&nbsp. hiring, performance management, and training. A Human Resource is a single person or employee within an organization”. (Tracey, 2004. Susan M. Heathfield)

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Finance and marketing at cuero limited.
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Cuero Ltd, as a whole organization with different sectors, comprises a large amount of personnel, assessing the performance of the employees at an individual level is a difficult task and may not be appraised reliably, although there are certain things and procedures that can help in appraising the performance individually. The performance of Cuero Ltd’s different operations is appraised individually i.e. the Factories, the retail shops, distribution center, and the mail-order business.


Cuero Ltd owns three different factories. The Catesby factory, The Kilsby factory, The Buckhorn Weston factory. The Catesby factory has 130 employees of which 100 relate to direct manufacture of the shoes manufactured in that factory.&nbsp.The research carried out during Josiah Saint’s era clearly indicates that production in the Catesby factory was on a linear basis, after the products are completed, each and every individual product is inspected to ensure the quality of production. The major issue with the Catesby factory is that it hires an old age staff in its production line. Although these employees are highly skilled, they might not be manufacturing shoes to the optimum level.&nbsp.

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