Final Project—Launching a New Media Vehicle


In the form of a formal 5-page report, in MLA format, propose a new medium: a magazine, broadcast network TV show, nationally syndicated radio show, newspaper, or something unique on the World Wide Web. If you decide to try anything else, you must get the instructor’s approval before starting. Be forewarned—newspapers and web sites are extreme challenges to undertake. If you have another idea in mass media, clear it with the instructor before proceeding.

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Final Project—Launching a New Media Vehicle
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Your proposal must discuss the following:

Desired Audience:  

Who will read/watch/listen? What is the target by age, gender, race, income…any demographic you can provide. What is the size of that total demographic in the nation and what is your target audience size? You may also define the audience by psychographics—a common activity such as stamp collecting, bow hunting, or ethnic cooking, etc.

If you chose a TV or radio broadcast show:

Which network or syndication is your first and second choice? Why?

What is the title of the publication or show?

Why did you chose this name?

What is the overall theme?

Describe the show or magazine in as much detail as you can. What it is about? Imagine this report going to your potential investors and convince them you have a good idea.

How is it different?

What makes this a good idea? How does it differ from media that are already available?

Summarize a typical show or issue.

Describe a story—the characters, what they do, what happens each week. For a magazine, what sort of articles, departments and columns will be in a typical issue?

What companies and products will advertise?

What products will they advertise to your audience and why?

What else would you want a prospective investor or network mogul to know?

What do you consider important that was not covered in this assignment?

Be sure to provide proper source documentation. List  at least sources you used to find out about the market, competition, audience demographics, etc. Three must be scholarly sources.

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