final paper, scince fiction

Double spaced, TNR, 12 pnt font. 5 pages minimum. MLA works cited required. Without proper citations, essay will be docked 50%. Science Fiction has not only pushed the boundaries of literature, but of media of all kinds as well. Comic book, graphic novels, movies, television, even music has been touched by the genres ever expanding influence. For this assignment you have three options, choose one.

Option 1: Identify your favorite science fiction movie and corresponding book/short story and compare the adaptation to the original. Then reflect on what you imagine you might do better in such an adaptation (plot lines you would include, special effects, etc).(Ps, Star Wars is not Science Fiction)

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final paper, scince fiction
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Option 2: This is similar to option 1, but this choice would have you identify a television show or MFTV series and identify the original literary influence. Discuss how the adaptation works in a longer run and reflect on different aspects of your choosing.

Option 3:  Choose a media series that was of the visual medium first.Perhaps books or graphic novels followed, but the original idea was made for screen. Reflect on the concept of this in relation to the literary aspects of the genre. (Ps, there are very few of these, many might not give credit to original influences, beware of this.)

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