Final Crime Scene Report

Crime Scene Project Part 3 InstructionsOK, you’ve had a go at the crime scene “game”. For the final crime scene report you need to play the game again from the beginning! Yes, start from the beginning. Hopefully you’ll have leaned something in this class and you’ll do a better job of collecting evidence and asking for lab tests!Now, here are some tips:There are 29 items you can collect in this scene. 13 of them are important, 16 not important. When you collect items, please look at the collection screen carefully. There might be items you need to collect off that screen as well. And, don’t forget the witness, please! Then, when you think you’ve figured out what the 13 important scene items are, go on to the crime lab. There, you need to pick your tests carefully.Once you have your scene completed and the lab results back, it’s time to write your report. I have given you feedback for your crime scene report and your laboratory report: please keep this feedback in mind when writing this report. The final report should be a crime scene report, a report of the lab findings, plus your reconstruction all in one. And, don’t forget to include your table of evidence in this report. In the Crime Scene Project area of Content there is a Word document you must use to write your report. The report should be turned into your “Assignments Folder”. Your final grade will be a compilation of the 3 reports you have turned in. And I grade on improvement and you showing me that you learned something in this class. If you have any questions, please post in Ask the Prof.

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Final Crime Scene Report
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