Film Reponse Paper.

The film is directed by Ann Thompson and written by Martin Dugard, together with Olegar Fedoro. It was released on 8th October 2007. The main stars include Olegar Fedoro, Alvaro Martin, David Sant And Javier Mazan.

On May 11, 1502, Christopher Columbus set out on his fourth and final voyage to the New World. He had four ships in a mission to explore unfamiliar areas to the west of the Caribbean. He hoped to find a route west to the Orient. He explored parts of southern Central America, but his ships, damaged by a hurricane and termites, fell apart in the process. Columbus and his men were stranded on Jamaica for about a year before being rescued. They returned to Spain in late 1504 (Hugh, P. 1).Because of Queen Isabel waning health and without her support, Columbus would never return to the New World.

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Columbus’ Fourth Voyage is outstanding primarily for some new exploration, mostly along the coast of Central America. The film is of great interest to historians, because of its astute descriptions of the native cultures such as the sections on the Mayan traders. Some of those who were along on the fourth voyage would later go on to greater things, such as Antonio de Alaminos, a cabin boy who would later rise to pilot and explore much of the western Caribbean. Columbus’ son Fernando would later write a biography of his famous father. The Fourth Voyage was a failure. Many of Columbus’ men died, the ships were lost and no passage to the west was ever found. Columbus himself would never sail again, and died convinced that he had found Asia, even if most of Europe already accepted the fact that the Americas were an unknown “New World.” Still, the fourth voyage showed better than any other Columbus’ sailing skills, fortitude and resilience, attributes which allowed him to discover the Americas in the first place (Hugh, P. 1).

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