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BLACK MIRROR Be Right Back: Clever and moving with strong writing from Brooker and a great performance from Atwell

31 January 2014 | by bob the moo (United Kingdom) – See all my reviews

I’ve not seen the new Spike Jonse film “Her” but watching this episode of Black Mirror which was screened over a year before Her was released in the US does rather make one think that Charlie Brooker would have some reason to be aggrieved at a film doing so well with a similar idea at its core. In the case of Be Right Back, the plot sees Martha and Ash as a couple – with Ash being a heavy online presence via social networks and so on. When Ash dies leaving Martha alone, she turns to a piece of software which will emulate your former partner and they begin chatting online.Although I did not think the first season of Back Mirror was perfect, I really did like that it is able to take current situations and move them a few steps down a logical or reasonable line and then see what happens in a specific situation. As with the previous season this episode very much sticks with technology as its jumping off point but it is most in common with the third episode of the first season it the way it is driven by an emotional core. The idea in this case is that, just as it is possible already to have software that can just about text you like a person, so, in theory, it should be possible to have software that builds a “you” based on all your emails, texts, Facebook posts and so on; OK it is a few steps beyond Amazon suggesting products based on your purchasing history, but it is effective because it doesn’t seem too far away and thus we are not given the comfort of a future far from our own.With small steps we get to a plot that is far-fetched while being conceivable and with this idea as the narrative device, Brooker builds a story that is emotionally engaging as we can both empathize with what Martha does while also seeing how bad a thing it is in the grand scheme of things – just like it being easy to see the faults of others from a distance while totally failing to see the same in ourselves. It is really moving and the conflict is throughout the story which means that it never stops working on the level it does at the start. The downside is that it ends in the same mould rather than having something dramatic, but still it is effective for what it does.The direction is good and the tone matches Brooker’s excellent writing. If I didn’t already know this is the same sarcastic and miserable Brooker we see on Screenwipe, I never would have believed he wrote this. What really seals the deal though is the performance from Atwell, because she is amazing. She really understands her character and she convinces through the story whether she be content, grieving, denying, hurting or accepting. The story is essentially a two-hander but she is the lion’s share of it and her success is the film’s success. Gleeson is more of a device than character but his performance is also well pitched, convincing in how he needs to be even if Atwell gets the better of the split.This film will be hard to watch in the wake of Her since thematically they are similar but I’m sure this is just coincidence. It is best to ignore this and focus on the film doing what it does because it is clever, engaging, convincing, moving and sobering. Hard to believe that the guy cursing at his TV would turn out to be such a good sci-fi writer or that the pretty girl from the Captain America film would have such a great performance in her, but BRB is great.


Description: A comparative film analysis is not a review or summary of the plot, it should go deeper into analysis and reaction. It should discuss the issues raised by the films, address the films’ importance and purpose, state reactions to the content and quality of the films, and connect it to ideas and material presented in class. It should be a minimum of three full pages (not including your Works Cited page) and include the following (in any order you choose).


  • Describe the films in general terms. What subjects do they cover? What issues do the films raise? What do you see as the main purpose of the films?
  • What are the major theme(s) of the films? You might focus on three main points, going point by point as it applies to each film. You can use a Venn diagram to get you started.
  • Evaluate the film for quality and interest. You might comment on the acting and music. Are any literary techniques such as symbolism, character development and foreshadowing used?
  • Relate the films to class discussions, readings, notes or knowledge. Do they contradict or support anything you have learned?
  • Conclude your paper with a thoughtful summary of the points you have made in your essay. What are the greater implications of the themes discussed in the films?


  • All papers should be typed, double spaced with a 12 pt. Font, Times New Roman, MLA format.
  • Use at least one credible source, in addition to the films, to support your ideas. Cite all of your sources on a Works Cited page at the end of your essay.
  • Organize your ideas so that your essay flows from one idea to the next and discusses both films using the same points of comparison.

Suggestion: Use a “hook” (an opening paragraph that catches your reader’s attention). For example:

•       Describe a scene, incident, or bit of dialogue from the films,

•       connect the movie to something happening in society today

Movie Analysis/Comparison Grading Sheet

An ‘A’ paper will:

  • Demonstrate an excellent understanding of the assignment. It has an engaging introductory sentence, context, raises excellent questions and has a strong thesis.
  • Demonstrate an excellent understanding of the assignment. All questions are answered fully with in depth analysis and interpretation. The answers are accurate and the writing is articulate and sophisticated. The facts are vivid, explicit, effective and multiple. There are few grammatical mistakes and      overall the paper is well written.
  • Demonstrate an excellent understanding of the assignment. It has an engaging conclusion that summarizes the evidence and connects to the thesis and body.
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