Feminist Issues in Prostitution.

Provide a 10 pages analysis while answering the following question: Feminist Issues in Prostitution. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. In the past, it had been associated with money, but recently, research has proven that it is also carried out for the purpose of acquiring other precious substances like jewelry, precious stones, vehicle and anything else with value in the market.

Sociological theory in prostitution: Right from the beginning, sexual adultery was associated with women and sex work that later followed was perceived in the same manner. Communities continued to put blame on women and as children were brought up, similar mentality seemed to exist. According to Flowers (2001, p. 66), “William Thomas attributed female prostitution to a need for excitement and response”. a move that currently seems gender-biased with past professional assumptions. However, today philosophers bring another perception around a moral character, family establishments, social organization, and sexual pathology. Socially, the participants do not live in a secluded location but they are among the societies that have defined, or rather implied ethical values and conduct governing their people.

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Feminist Issues in Prostitution.
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Prostitution affects the social organization, and family units in their moral, health and stability aspects. Young children and teenagers learn to talk, act and behave through listening and watching. According to Warner (2009, p.51), “Childhood is confirmed in the public consciousness as a passive state in need of protection.” Internet and technology have made it easier for them to explore the adulthood sexuality world. When they have guardians that practice commercial sex, they want to experience what their guardians do irrespective of their gender. Most sadists and criminals take advantage of their fear to introduce them to the sex industry. Most women prostitutes can trace their history from such young episodes. Both men and women in marriage have a role to keep their family together and in the right moral status. Infidelity is currently at the pick and as it appears, it’s probably the&nbsp.norm of marriage life, followed by common separations and divorces.&nbsp.

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