Feminism and Femininity over lifespan.

 This paper focuses on the notion of feminism and femininity over lifespan in its core. In the initial stage highlight is made on the different aspects of feminism and a brief discussion about femininity. Then the paper shifts its focus on the theories developed by two eminent psychologists Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud on feminism. ‘Differentiated Disunity’ ushers after deviation from the undifferentiated unity. According to ‘Undifferentiated Unity’ all are same in the sphere of society. There is no such distinction among the social agents in the society with respect to class and status. But conflict among the individuals lead to the creation of differentiated disunity where man creates differentiation among themselves with respect to class and societal status and thus emerged the so called differentiation between the slaves and feudal lords and thus human domination of one class over the other generated as a consequence. Marx proposes of a society where there will be no differentiation between individual. Yardstick of measurement of every individual will be always equal. From the concept of differentiated disunity the concept of feminism develops. As a consequence of the phenomenon of domination ‘feminism’ emerges as a dimension of a philosophy and comes with its multifaceted theory along with its implication. The crux of feminism originates from the inequality between the genders. According to the Feminist sociologists arguments which crops up is that they experience injustice and inequalities in favor of men. This gives rise to the notion that determination of the lives of the women gets concentrated in the hands of men (Feminism, n.d.). Different aspects of feminism Having a fundamental knowledge about feminism basic disintegration of the different class of feminism needs to be discussed. Although feminism is a vast arena of study categorization can be done into four main groups. They are: a) Liberal Feminism, b) Marxist/Socialist Feminism, c) Black Feminism and d) Radical Feminism Liberal feminism The liberal feminist advocates equal distribution of rights between men and women. Women should not be in any case subordinated or discriminated on the basis of their sex. Every individual should be treated in accordance with their talent and merit.(Feminism, n.d.). The Equal Pay Act, 1975 has been successfully implemented in order to eliminate the discrimination of the women with terms and condition of employment. Marxist/Socialist Feminism According to the Marxist/Socialist Feminists social class affects the life chances and acts as a key factor in determining the relationship between men and women in the society. They blame the notion of capitalism for the dominance of the women in the sphere of society. Capitalism leads to the augmentation of the conflict between the sexes. Inside the nucleus of capitalism the women are treated as ‘reserve army of labor’ excluded from the crafts and earning by providing service , rather they are treated In such a way that they are treated for only free services in the households. These feminists are proponents of communism who think that it is only through the attainment of communism that the conflict between the sexes can be curbed to the fullest (Feminism, n.d.) Black Feminism It is a recent concept which entails focus on the importance of race and ethnicity has developed in recent years as an attempt to entail focus on the importance of race and ethnicity. They argue for the existence of racism model and states that white feminist acts as persecutors to black women.

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Feminism and Femininity over lifespan.
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