Federation of Library Associations and Institutions.

Hi, need to submit a 3000 words paper on the topic Federation of Library Associations and Institutions. According to the paper, Australia is one of the most preferred travel and tour destinations for its striking landscapes, ancient cultures as well as different other natural beauties. The island continents have a lot to offer its visitors as it hosts a range of biodiversity. The diverse natural resources attract a huge number of travellers and conference holders to host their conferences. The historical monuments and buildings as well as diverse natural beauties are likely to appeal the visitors across the world. Being identified as one of the multicultural continent there are a range of dialects and diversified culture that is worth experiencing. Sydney provides a unique blend of modern civilization embedded in traditional Australian culture. The city is a unique blend that draws its beauty from huge skyscrapers to their host of natural resources. The exquisite location as well as the open spaces adds up to the beauty of the city. The historic parks and other elegant presence often draw the interest of the people to visit this location. With the use of improved technologies, the city withholds a beautiful blend between the nature and technology. Being one of the popular multicultural cities it has a capacity to host the international seminars and other large events. The city even has a huge number of conference halls that can cater services to 10000 delegates. The Sydney Exhibition Centre is selected for hosting the conference, as it is one of the most spacious and ideal convention centres available in the city. The centre has a unique history of hosting international events and increasing the level of satisfaction among the hosts. The historic presence of the exhibition centre in the Darling Harbour attracts a large number of consumers. The centre has been hosting myriad shows including corporate events and international gatherings.&nbsp.

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