Features of Retirement in the United States.

During the Stone Age times, no one was unemployed. the employment rate was 100%. Back in history when someone became too old to perform any task, the best option he could do was to move in with his kids. Centuries passed and the population was increasing, which is directly proportional to the population of old people. During the medieval period, the number of old people was substantial and thus critical. The old people had wealth that the young desired to inherit, though some were inpatient and cases of patricide started becoming rampant. The fact the old people were clinging on their wealth was a threat to the economic and social fabric of colonial America. The first person who can be attributed to force the elderly into retirement can be said to be Puritan Zealot Cotton Mather. He requested them to be wise and retire, but the elderly didn’t listen to him.

Retirement was invented by Bismarck. In 1883 when the Marxists were threating to take over Europe, he took a quest to help his countrymen resist their blandishment. He stated that he would pay a pension to any non-working German who had attained the age of 65. On this note he was setting a standard at which the old age would begin, and that the government should pay and compensate those growing old. During the Industrial Revolution the in the United States, aging workers were wondering outside the factory, they were performing minor accidents in the workplace, the assembly line was been slowed, they took many personal days off and the revolution was needing more young and energetic workers (Moody, 2010). The old people were not productive and something had to be done urgently. During the Industrial revolution in there was also an upsurge in the level of unemployment, this was due to the ones that refused to retire. During the Great Depression, the situation was even worse, and this made retirement as the only and the better option. It became a hard reality for these old people&nbsp.to accept the situation, and only those who were tough retained in the job (Chan & Stevens, 2001).&nbsp.&nbsp.

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Features of Retirement in the United States.
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