Feature Table of Contents On the Bullitt Center in Seattle 3 Works Cited 4 On the Bullitt Center in Seattle The video and the article both focus on a wealth of features that collectively make the Bullitt Center the greenest office building in the world. There is an emphasis on the use of solar power and net metering, for instance, and the maximization of lighting from the sun, through the windows, to make sure that maximum energy use efficiency is achieved (Hanscom. EarthFixMedia). Another sustainable feature that is worth mentioning and that has not been touched on in the sources cited above is the regenerative braking capabilities of the elevator system used in the building. Regenerative braking is the technology where the friction energy from braking physical systems such as elevators going down are captured and converted to usable energy, in this case electricity that can then be used to power the elevator system and to supply the electricity needs of the immediate floors and areas within the building. This regenerative braking feature of the elevators is attributed to the technology work of Kone, the provider of the elevator system to the Bullitt Center. The placement of the elevators and the provision of stairs add to the energy efficiency of those elevators because such limit the use of the elevators themselves. Moreover, by design, the elevators are 60 percent more power efficient than regular elevators used in other buildings. All these add to maximum energy efficiency and electricity savings for the Bullitt Center, while at the same time making sure that those who do need the elevator system, such as the disabled, are able to access the elevator systems conveniently. This feature adds further to the overall energy efficiency of the building and the regenerative braking adds to the electricity sources of the building, apart from the solar panels installed on the roof (Hanscom. EarthFixMedia. Bullitt Foundation).

Works Cited

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Bullitt Foundation. “A Powerful Plunge”. Bullitt Center. 2013. Web. 22 October 2014.

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