Fathers Impact. 

Anyone has admired another person in one’s life, either for a short time or for the duration of a lifetime. The characteristics, commitment or success strategy of the admired person has an influence upon other individuals. The person that I admired most who has a great impact upon me is my father. My father is a medical doctor by profession. His parents experience financial distress that my father was able to attend his medical studies by accepting various lowly jobs to defray the expenses at the school. Once he set his mind on his goal, he diligently worked on it day and night until the final outcome is complete. He has such a strong dedication and commitment to attain his vision.

As the head of the family, he is responsible and a good provider. I saw him work doubly hard to provide all of our needs. And from all his efforts, we (my siblings and me) are able to continue our studies. He endeavored hard to give us the comfort in life that he did not experience before. All he wants is for us to succeed in our respective chosen profession.

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 Fathers Impact. 
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Despite his hectic schedule at work, he still finds time for the whole family to go out on weekends. He is able to balance his time with us and his responsibilities with his patients. I remembered myself crying at night when he had to leave for work. I wondered why my friends’ fathers spent the night with them when my father left us alone. As I grew older, I came to realize the nature of his work as doctor. He is helping other people recover from their illness. He is providing health care services to alleviate other people’s suffering. He has a noble intention in becoming a doctor.

With time, I came to appreciate his profession and the health care industry he belongs. I viewed his profession with admiration. Slowly, the admiration created the spark within me to become a doctor, too. I wanted to have a profession that can help other people. I dreamt of becoming a doctor but not in the medical field. I explored the possibilities of the different professions in the health care industry. Once, I visited my uncle and aunt in their dental clinics. Seeing how they performed their dental tasks, it dawned to me that I can be a doctor of dentistry and render service to other people.

I consulted my father about my decision of becoming a dentist. He is very supportive and encouraged me to pursue my dream. He is very understanding and motivating. He promised his total support until I become a full-pledged dentist. To realize that dream, I must first finish a pre-dentistry course. Browsing on the courses offered, a degree in Biology (Biology/Pre-Dentistry 1. Pre-Medicine/Pre-Dentistry 1) can very well prepare me for dentistry. Bachelor of Science in Biology can provide me with all the basic knowledge necessary in the Dentistry course. This course fits me because I am interested in living things and knowing minute details about them. In fact, my father also had a Bachelor’s degree in Biology as his pre-medical course. Subconsciously, my father might have influenced me in choosing Biology from among the several other courses available.

My father shaped almost everything in what I am today. His impact and influence upon my life is beyond measure. I practice his values and ethical standard, I follow his ideas, I ask for his guidance and opinions, and admire the love and care he unwaveringly gives to us, his family. I even emulate his study techniques and approaches in order to pass difficult subjects. And when I become a dentist in the future, he will still be my model for his commitment and dedication in serving his patients and the rest of the community.

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