Fashion Industry Shaping Up With Inputs From Social Media.

Undoubtedly, the most active trend of the present times, social media continues to evolve with each passing minute as the number of human beings adapting it increases manifolds. Not only does the number of human beings getting connected via social media increase but there are also extremely rapid advancements in the technologies upon which all the advancements are pioneered. After the advent of Internet a few decades ago it is now that all the activity is majorly focused on Social web and via it on the Social Media. This research is attempted to evaluate what social media is, what are the core concepts of fashion and how the internet has promoted and affected the fashion scenario. The integral position of social media and is its importance in terms of its structure, functioning and the challenges associated with it. The components of the web 2.0 are discussed along with the social media tools emphasizing particularly upon their influence with respect to the fashion industry. The growing and changing world of Social Media also immensely affects the marketing arena and proportionately the fashion scenario. Specifically the concept of e-business with respect to its integration with the social web and the fashion industry is discussed. Marketing and advertising are also developing new meanings in line with the development of social media across the globe. Social media is the most trending wonder of the present and the future. It has highly widespread boundaries and should be adopted in order to pace up in line with the developments of the modernized human society. Introduction: Thesis Statement: Fashion Industry shaping up with inputs from Social Media. The human society has turned upside down from what it was just a few decades ago. The advancements in information technology leading to the advent of the internet have completely transformed the way human beings live and what their priorities and preferences are. Terminologies like Web. 2.0, Virtual Socialization, Social Networking and Social Media are such common terms now that the thought of life without them cannot be imagined anymore. None of the forefathers of present day human beings could have ever anticipated that the world would transform so rapidly and to such a vast extent in the times to come. The inclusion and embedding of the social web platform has made the modern life of human beings devoid of in-person personalization. Much of the physical efforts done by man have been taken over by the machines and the internet has made life very flexible, up-to-date and highly technologized. Computing devices even as small as those the size of a human palm are an integral companion of each and every human being via which he stays connected to the rest of his friends without any hassle and restriction. The social networking arena posed by the internet is the most major attraction of the present day individuals. The real time connectivity that they offer and the ease of their use and maintainability have become the basis for the flourishing of Social Media world over.

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Fashion Industry Shaping Up With Inputs From Social Media.
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