Falsification of Information on Employment Application What should Jeremy do

Falsification of Information on Employment Application What should Jeremy do? How should he handle the meeting with Laura? Jeremy may first consider doing a thorough background investigation to support and clarify initial findings. This way, the director would have the chance to determine any degree of fault in the part of Laura such as possible technical error by the school which is beyond Laura’s control or if some arrangements or misunderstandings with the academic institution constitute Laura’s decision to declare her accomplishments as due and valid. Such process would serve as means of understanding not just any deliberate scheme or act by the employee prior to or during employment period but even the nature of the act upon commission by the employee. Further examination would provide the benefit of the doubt and confidence for the company in order to prevent unscrupulous steps toward hasty accusations and figure if reasonable grounds exist in justifying the case whether under Laura’s favor or otherwise.

Additionally, Jeremy should consider having to consult the organization’s policies and seek counsel of the knowledgeable administration in the presence of all appropriate documents consisting of solid evidences which either confirm or nullify the deed in direct reference to falsification of employment information. Regardless of Laura’s current traits and working performance as an employee, however, Jeremy must keep in mind that in any context, both intention and action of an applicant to falsify his or her personal information duly agreed and signed to be disclosed under legal professional requirements by the employer is a grave offense. It should be understood to full measure as well that prevailing work conditions that take into account Laura’s remarkable professional attributes are by no means related to any mild or heavy offense committed by her during the stage of application.

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Falsification of Information on Employment Application What should Jeremy do
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As a consequence, Jeremy ought to express in all honesty to Laura the truth regarding the company’s right to dismiss any employee found to have advanced deception and serious dishonesty on purpose. Breaking it slowly to her, Jeremy may first opt to establish a hint from which to initiate the conference with Laura so that the latter comes into a gradual and rational discernment of the delicate situation rather than struggle with the moment of abrupt revelation. Eventually, this gives opportunity for Laura to explain her side of the incident and realize in the process the gravity of her fault that deserves the equivalent sanction of dismissal from work. On the other hand, Jeremy must not fail to communicate to Laura how the company has recognized all her efforts, noting particular instances of her good performance, relations, and other capacities, nevertheless, her sworn abidance by the company’s rules and regulations in print or oral speech signifies that she is amenable to them and hence, should accept charges justly imposed by the organization. In case she makes an appeal and claims untruth or confusion in the records presented, the director ought to acknowledge and have resolution sought perhaps through another conference this time including some school representatives who would necessarily show and affirm any required proofs themselves.


Case 6-13 Page 308 Falsification of Information on Employment Application

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