factors favoring digital marketing

Write 10 pages thesis on the topic factors favoring digital marketing. The internet is the most effective form of digital marketing since globalization has forced people to acquire internet skills which they use for different purposes and almost on a daily basis. However, digital marketing can be conducted through other channels like using wireless text messaging, instant messages available in mobile phones, televisions and numerous radio channels.

Marketers nowadays have advanced their knowledge and expertise because of the nature of digital marketing. Digital marketing allows marketers to apply strategies in promoting brands and products to match the behavior change of consumers. An example is that when it comes to the purchase of the newspaper, consumers are developing an attitude of purchasing it online than buying its hardcopy. This is made possible by the availability of portable mobile devices which renders the reliance on things like a hardcopy of newspaper to become less. The cost of digital marketing has also promoted its growth as compared to the use of traditional sources. An example is that in the past, the marketer was forced to incur heavily in traveling expenses and related costs of placing an advert on the television or in the newspaper. However, this is not common to digital marketing where marketers and business owners can create an advert to be viewed by millions around the world without spending heavily on the process (Financial Times Lexicon., 2014).

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factors favoring digital marketing
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Mobile devices and tablets have been of extreme assistance to marketers because they have enabled them to give exposure to their brands or products and to connect with their targeted audience who are living in remote areas. This is because tablets and mobile phones have a network coverage that is available in all locations within the country, unlike certain desktops and laptops that are not owned by a majority of the people (Harden& Heyman, 2009).

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