Fables and Fairytales.

 The Three Fishes Theme Ignorance This is the theme that can be drawn from the story. There were three fishes that lived in a certain pond and one evening some fishermen pass by that pond and saw a lot of fish in that pond. They agreed that they would come tomorrow with their nets and catch those fish. The eldest fish overheard their conversation and alerted all the other fish of the danger they were to face tomorrow. He advised his fellow fish to move from that that pond lest they would be caught and killed. The second fish heeded to the advice but the third fish refused to listen. He claimed that those fishermen have been saying that they would come to fish there but never come. So the third fish decided to stay.

The eldest of the fish decided to leave that pond with his whole family that same evening. Early in the morning the second fish saw the fishermen from a distance and decided to leave with his family. Even with the evident threat of danger, the third fish refused to leave that pond. The fishermen came and caught all the fish in that pond including the third fish and they were killed.

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This story shows the ignorance that the third fish shows even despite the fact that the first fish warned them about the fishermen. This three fish resemble the character of us human beings. There are those people who hear of danger and quickly react to it by looking for a safe place or get out of the area that is believed to be dangerous. The second set of people are those that have to see danger in order for the to get out of the area that is believed to be dangerous. The third set of people are those that hear and see of danger but do not want to get out of the area that is dangerous. The third set of people usually end up being killed or get hurt in the process. Therefore, it is important that we listen to the advice that older people offer since they have a lot of experience and are able to protect us. It is very important to listen to advice as this will help us a great deal. The third fish was ignorant of the advice that the first fish gave it and ended up being killed. The first and the second fish took precaution and continued to live. So the moral of the story is to follow the advice offers by other people and not to be ignorant.

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