External and Internal Environments.

 Upon considering further metrics, Forbes Global 2000 ranked General Electrics as the third largest company in the world. This paper seeks to discuss the internal and external environments of General Electrics Company.

The general environment revolves around every condition in the outside or external environment, which is part of a background context of a managerial decision-making. In simple terms, the general environment of an organization is generally the outer layer that widely affects the organization indirectly and in many ways (Heide, 2008). Typically, environmental issues that may affect an organization consist of the social cultural conditions, economic conditions, technological conditions, political and legal conditions and demographic conditions. With reference to the General Electrics Company, two segments of the general environment would rank highest in their influence on this corporation. They are technological conditions and economic conditions (Griffin, 2012).

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External and Internal Environments.
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Particularly, every company that chooses to invest heavily in technological advancements stands to benefit a lot especially when it outshines its competitors. General Electronics deals with products and services wherein technology plays a huge role in their success or failure. For instance, General Electrics offers healthcare products (P&Ls) for surgical operations (Kurtz & Boone, 2011). In this business, General Electrics offers a market-leading healthcare in interventional imaging and intra-operative that facilitates guidance for minimal invasive surgical procedures. Imaging products for surgery are integral in more than one sector as they are also pragmatic in other fields, which include orthopedics, general surgery, neurosurgery, cardiology, urology, GI and for specified processes such as management of pain (Heide, 2008).

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