Extensive Critique on Complementary therapy practice

Complete 4 pages APA formatted article: Extensive Critique on Complementary therapy practice: defining the role of advanced nurse practitioners.J Clin Nurs. 2003 Nov;12(6):816-23 using problem stateme. The aim was to determine the nurses’ knowledge, attitudes, and use of complementary/alternative therapies (CAT). Eighty eight percent of those surveyed were open or eager to use CAT, and 60% reported moderate or greater desire to use CAT. This was in spite of barriers like lack of knowledge, time, and training. The level of knowledge was highest for diet, exercise, massage, prayer, and music therapy. From this, it was concluded that “critical care nurses are open to CAT use and many use them in their own practice” (Tracy MF, Lindquist R, Watanuki S, 2003). Increasing the scientific base and enhancing knowledge to promote evidence-based incorporation of CAT in practice is recommended. However, in primary care, the use of complementary and alternative Medicine (CAM) is still not widespread.

Eighty three percent had previously referred (or influenced referral) for CAM treatments. Sixty eight percent of referrals were after patients request, 58% after conventional treatments failed and evidence (36%). The majority (82%) felt that CAM therapies should be provided by health professionals trained in CAM or doctors (66%). 70% felt that the integration of CAM could lead to cost savings, but 55%, felt it could also lead to cost increases. Acupuncture (41%) had the greatest interest, homoeopathy (30%) and therapeutic massage/aromatherapy (26%). From this study, it was concluded that there is considerable interest in CAM among primary care professionals, and many are already referring or suggesting referral, and many were in favor of integrating CAM in mainstream primary care. The need of the hour is further education or information of primary care health professionals about CAM.

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Extensive Critique on Complementary therapy practice
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Sohn PM, Loveland Cook CA, 2002, conducted a study to find the level and source of nurse practitioner knowledge about complementary alternative health care practices, as well as their referral practices.

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