Exteme “Child” or “Blind Spot” Experiences

In my office we have a co-worker that is a super nice guy. He’s always there for you when you need him, and can do most any task you give him. He has two main issues that are pretty glaring as I read through this module. First, he demands to be the center of attention anywhere he goes. We’ll be having a polite conversation in the office, and if he’s walking by and notices us talking without him, he interjects himself into the conversation. It can be very disconcerting, because I don’t even think he’s aware how much attention he demands. Secondly, he reminds me of a little child (he’s close to 50) in that he needs people to constantly tell him what a great person he is and what a great job he’s doing. If he notices someone getting a little more spotlight than he does, he goes into full petulant child mode and starts pouting until someone in the office is brave enough to go stroke his ego. In the chapter 7 of the book, Messages: The Communication Skills Book, the author states, “When you are communicating from the child position, there is usually a great deal of energy: tears, pouting, temper tantrums, and whining.” (Makay, Fanning & Davis, 2009) As the potential next supervisor in the office, I stay mindful of his childish behavior. If I were to equate our relationship to transactional analysis, it would be parent to child. Most of the time I will give him a task, and once he fulfills it, I reward him with some sort of accolade. I’m rolling my eyes on the inside every time I have to stoop to such levels to keep the peace in the office, but this guy has been there over 25 years, so he isn’t going anywhere. I feel as though as long as I can modify my approach on how I deal with him, he can be an effective employee.

McKay, M., Fanning, P., & Davis, M. (2009). Chapter 7: Transactional Analysis. Messages: The Communication Skills Book. Oakland, Calif: New Harbinger Publications.

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Exteme “Child” or “Blind Spot” Experiences
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