Expert systems (Artificial Intelligence) Anyone?

There are many ways to view Artificial Intelligence (AI). Some of the more practical applications of AI are expert systems. In our discussions over the past few weeks, we have looked at the skills needed to run your business. AI can provide alternatives that support the entrepreneur. Expert systems solve specific problems. Finance and tax systems are a great example of taking the skills and expertise of tax accountants and making these available to an average user. (Intuit, 2011).

If you are familiar with this type of application, you will note many similarities with the way that an expert would walk you through the process of preparing your taxes. 

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Expert systems (Artificial Intelligence) Anyone?
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A few years ago, my wife trained with H&R Block (2011) and worked at a local office helping people file their tax returns. To be effective, she needed to learn: the basics of the tax code; what new benefits did; and how to operate the program. The program was the simplest part. It walked her through the interview and preparation process. So, by just knowing the basics, she was able to operate effectively in the environment.

What other expert systems have you used?

What exert systems can you identify and how can they help?


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