Exegetical application of the book of solomon.

The book of proverbs provides wide coverage of money, the way it should be acquired and utilized in society. In proverbs (11: 24) the Bible states that ‘one man gives freely, yet gains even more. another withholds unduly but comes to poverty’. The meaning of this verse is that those who withhold money have little chances of succeeding or making profits. This verse provides an incentive for each person to use the money for investment (Marr, 2006). While business is risky, investing gives money the opportunity to make profits. Secondly, this verse may refer to organizations that hold profits by minimizing employees’ wages (Morris and Morris, 2004). While such an organization may make high profits in the short term, in the long term, they are likely to make losses as employees lose focus on the organizational goals.

The question of business expenditure has attracted a lot of attention in the contemporary business environment. Business managers are faced with the dilemma of optimizing profits at the expense of their employees or vice versa. The issue of corporate social responsibility has pushed the organizations to further consider their investment strategies. Research has shown that for an organization to remain profitable in the long term, it is crucial that it takes care of the employee welfare by spending on decent wages and employee comfort. The idea of the bible (Proverbs, 11:25) that a generous many will prosper while one who refreshes others will also be refreshed points out to the benefits that an organization gains for remaining generous to their employees (Marr, 2006). When an organization pays its workers well it enjoys optimal profits due to employee loyalty and high labour turnover (Morris and Morris, 2004).

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Exegetical application of the book of solomon.
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Business conduct is one of the most crucial factors in a business environment.&nbsp.

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