Evidence based practice.

However, to generally change the behaviors of all the nurses including those who are off-duties, the following measures will have to take place immediately:Rebuilding the frame work

Every organization has structures and policies that form a frame work which guide employees’ behaviors. Therefore, it is crucial to re-evaluate these structures to ensure the framework supports the new desired employees’ behaviors.

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Evidence based practice.
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The ways employees do their business, it involves interacting with each other which is more difficult to change and therefore a good starting point is to answer the question ‘what does excellence in the new behaviors look like’. Clearly demonstrating key indicator tells employees where to aim in terms that it is specific and clears (Pbert et al, 2014).

Even the most harmless change can be misinterpreted by employees, therefore the most appropriate way to ensure success is to see how the behavioral changes unfold. This involves following up and regulating progress frequently.

To engage the employees in the initiative changes programs. This is to let the employees ‘own’ the changes. employees need to participate by providing opinions of what they feel need to be addressed, not all ideas need to be accepted but at least they feel their ideas have been heard and considered (Sailor, 2009).

The assessment should always be done in my presence and a signature or the approved works must be there. In conclusion, this paper has helped even other managers and employees who had no ideas of what they were expected of in their work place

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