Evidence-based practice

It is very important to prevent and manage childhood obesity appropriately. Research has shown that increased physical activity is a useful intervention to prevent and manage. Whether such an intervention is appropriate or not can be ascertained by literature search and critical review of the articles. Making clinical decisions based on appropriate evidence is known as Evidence-based practice. According to McKibbon (1998), ” “Evidence-based practice (EBP) is an approach to health care wherein health professionals use the best evidence possible, i.e. the most appropriate information available, to make clinical decisions for individual patients. EBP values enhance and build on clinical expertise, knowledge of disease mechanisms, and pathophysiology. It involves complex and conscientious decision-making based not only on the available evidence but also on patient characteristics, situations, and preferences. ” Literature search for EBP can be done effectively by creating an appropriate question in PICO format. In this essay, the usefulness of increased physical activity in preventing and managing childhood obesity will be ascertained through review of appropriate literature using suitable electronic databases.

The commencement of search in electronic databases was based on the inclusion/exclusion criteria and knowledge of the hierarchies of evidence. As Benton & Cormack (2000) mentioned, electronic databases are resourceful in presenting large amounts of recently published literature. To consider what articles must be included in the review to make the review more authentic and reliable, knowledge on the different levels of accorded studies is essential. The different levels of studies are called hierarchy. The hierarchy provides a confidence measure to the end-user (Evans, 2003). According to Evans (2003), random control trials can be considered of a good standard and they are, in fact, labeled as the gold standard of research for providing optimal research designs to answer pertinent questions. However, systemic reviews and meta-analysis have topped the hierarchy list.

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Evidence-based practice
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