Even though the professional community is on the rise with the passage of time

, it is without a doubt that LinkedIn fosters productivity and growth across the board, creates avenues for development for the individuals and lets them stay in touch until a business call is made, and remade for future endeavors that are undertaken. The role of the professionals is to solicit the development to come about in such a manner that they get in close contact with one another, and thus stay in touch for a long period of time (Cocheo, 2009). They must grow collectively by keeping in association with one another so that their mutual friends and acquaintances also come about to increase and expand the basis of the business in the coming times through LinkedIn. As a professional, I can use LinkedIn to get in close association with people who have similar interests. To get up close and professional with human services professionals, I need to know where I can have all of them at a single point. This would mean that I need to make a group page for myself where I could solicit invitations from people who have similar interests and whose area of work are much the same. This would keep them all tied up at a single location and allow them to grow collectively. LinkedIn is a very powerful social media tool which if used properly could reap sound results, professionally. People have been able to meet and get in touch with some of the most talented individuals on the professional circuit just because they believed in the power of selling themselves through their abilities, skills and competencies (Pont, 2005). I would make use of LinkedIn to know who is joining the particular community and assess his/her skills upfront so that I know what the new individuals joining up have to offer to the community and to the human services role in essence. The most significant aspect is to get them all wired up and that can only be done when they are at a single platform. Being tied to a professional community means that one automatically ends up in a referral and when one needs to know who to contact, he is directly connected with how he must know the other individual. There is immense connectivity involved within the entire LinkedIn phenomenon, which if used properly could reap rich dividends. LinkedIn is powerful because it links up people who are in the same line of business. work closely with one another or even who work under the aegis of each other. The bosses and the middle line managers are in touch and so is the general dictum of progressive change, which is all the more quintessential in this day and age. Business groups with online presence creates an arm that can reflect on the business and that too from a very narrowed-down perspective, which zeroes in on the fact that connectivity must remain supreme and more so when quality referrals for human service clients seem to be the buzzword. Support services are always backed up by quality referrals which remain the hallmark of LinkedIn and that too for all the right reasons (Beckwith, 2009). Thus professional business community groups create a sense of optimism which is very significant as it boosts the business by linking up like-minded people. The training offered by these LinkedIn groups is a collective mesh of those individuals who are in the same line of business and who have to offer the same services to a particular area of business.

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Even though the professional community is on the rise with the passage of time
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