Even revolutions have a certain degree of gradualness.

Agora, which in the ancient Greece was the main place of gathering with the aim of conducting trade and crucial information sharing, has been used by modern innovators to come up with a modern common market. The common modern market has however mainly relied on the computer for ideas rather than eye-to-eye contact like in the ancient Greece. Using this idea of the Greece market, innovators have created Web sites on the internet for large number of people and businesses to converge with the common goal of sharing ideas and solutions for various problems. This is a shift from the ancient market setting where goods were the main items of trade while in the modern times it is ideas. This borrowing from the ancient Agora market to develop a market driven by ideas is termed as Ideagoras (Idea + Agoras).

Ideagoras has influenced heavily on the management of many companies and has been in use in modifying the various production processes by different diverse companies. The venue of converging is the internet. The meetings in the internet have broken the various geographical and cultural barriers. Companies no matter their location in the world are able to interact freely, online. One such market is InnoCentive. InnoCentive is a company that helps other companies to precisely define, appropriately integrate and effectively execute the various innovative strategies that they may be having. InnoCentive emphasizes on extensive and intensive conclusive research and radicalized development on various diverse disciplines like engineering and business. After gathering the various proposals and areas of research from various managers or companies, the InnoCentive then posts them on the net as problems.

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Even revolutions have a certain degree of gradualness.
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