Evaluative Report to Support a Marketing Environment.

Jack Cohen in East end of London started Tesco in 1919. It started when Jack Cohen began to sell surplus grocery from a stall in east London. It become a private limited company in 1932 and two years later the company built it’s headquarter and a warehouse. Later in 1947 its stocks were floated on the stock exchange and in 1956 it opened its first self-service supermarket. By 1995 Tesco had become the world leading retailer and a year later it launched a 24 hours trading. Currently Tesco operates in 14 markets across Europe, Asia, and North America. Tesco UK is the largest of the Tesco businesses contributing to over 60% of the group’s sales and profits. Its plan to build a better Tesco focuses on six key elements that are service &amp. staff, stores and formats, price &amp. value, Range &amp. quality, Brand &amp. Marketing and Clicks &amp. Bricks (Tesco 2012).

Throughout this report, we will be underpinning our empirical finding from our research with the theory from various appropriate literatures. We will show how practices on these two retail outlets correspond to the available theory of marketing practice available in various marketing literature. Moreover, we will also show how some of the practices in these two retail outlets deviate from the available theory of marketing and management.

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 Evaluative Report to Support a Marketing Environment.
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