Evaluation and suggestions/recommendations.

Family and consumer science Access channel Keeping s closer is the best thing that can happen to any organization. Serving the interest of the customers should come first before thinking of profits. This is because it is through providing quality services or products to the customers that the organization gets to make its profits. This means that failure of the organization to create a close relationship is the beginning of failure and thus the need for technologically driven effective and efficient access channel for customers is paramount for success. The organization is thinking of enhancing the ease with which the customers can contact the organization for services and as such the organization is offering a wide range of access channels that include but not limited to telephone, face to face contact, Electronic mail, visitor centres, organization website, letter, fax and Short Message Service (SMS) (Canterbury City Council. In other words the organization will have ordering options which include visiting company websites, making phone call orders, send emails, and meet sale representatives. The organization believes in the power of our customers in driving the business beyond our competitors reach and therefore we embarked on plan to promote close contact and interaction with our clients. The Channel consistency will be enhanced through service standards. The standards will setup a baseline relating to how the organization employees should treat the customers during interaction process. The baseline will therefore ensure consistency in service and quality delivery. Key standards that will be used by the organization range from (i) response time to E-mails, fax, SMS (ii) waiting time in visitor centres (iii) manner of service delivery and finally the level of accepted acknowledgement (Canterbury City Council). Cross channel integration from the organizations understanding it involves offering all the customer exemplary experience irrespective of the channel they have used to get to the organization. This means that whether a customer choose to order for services over the website or through the contact centre or comes across a sales person he/she must be offered effective services. The organization will enhance Cross channel integration by providing an upbeat interaction between all the access channels so that vital information relating to the customers is shared. The information about the purchasing behaviour of the consumers will be gathered at every access channel so that it can be shared to ensure that consumers are provided with a wide range of options in every access channel thus best customer experience. Other implementation strategy of Cross channel integration will involve asking customers for their contact information in various access channels which will be stored in a central databank shared by the entire access channels. This means that if the customer chooses to order for services over the website, or through our contact centre, or by visiting our visitor centres or walk into the stores the organization should be in a position to identify the customer by his/her name. The organization will employ personalization in a number of ways. First the organization will gather personal information about our loyal shoppers in various contact channels, match the interest of the loyal clients to the products and services in our catalogue, and continuously learn more about them once they come to shop and finally contact them about new offers that cuts across all touch points. The organization will also dynamically merchandise our e-commerce portals for specified shoppers in real time. The organization will also strengthen our social sites with personalised commerce experience for target customers. All these creates an illusion to the target customers that the organization is thinking about their shopping experience and such they develop personal touch with organization brands. 2. Suggestions/recommendations on customer relations management Identification task: The organizations should use mass marketing to identify its customers. Posting your advertisement in television, radio, bill boards and internet with company telephone contacts, website address, E-mail address and physical address will help the company identify its customers. There are several customers out there who are interest in your products and or services but they lack the necessary information t get in touch and as such mass marketing will help the identify its customers through customer feedback. Customers interested in your products will definitely contact the company through the e-mail, visit office or visit the company website. Differentiation task: The Company should make use of Customer consultation to assess the needs of the consumers as well as their views on the value they derive from using the products or services. Customer consultation will be used by the marketers as the baseline for present performance. It gives the marketers an opportunity to identify specific interests of the customers thus ease identification of customer needs and values. Interaction task: Amazon should ensure that customer views, suggestions and requests are acted upon in the shortest time possible to ease exchange of information and future interaction within the social media. To increase interaction over the social media, Amazon will provide 24 hours online chat room, Usenet news group, blogs and other interactive sites such as Facebook and twitter. Amazon understands that phone technologies which come with inbuilt internet applications will make it easier for clients to join online interaction sites and this is why the organization is providing 24 hours online services for the customers to enhance their dialogue with their customers. Customization task: Sharing of customer information among all the channels for future personalised interaction with the client is an important personalization strategy. The organization should also include Interactive assistance options such as click to call or click to chat depending on the shopping carts can be an important strategy for engaging customers proactively in company affairs. Finally the organization should engage the customers at the point of sale by dynamically merchandising the e-commerce site for particular shoppers. Work cited Canterbury City Council. Access channel strategy 2005. Canterbury, 2006. Retrieved December 2 2011.

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