European and Native American Culture.

However, but all this kindness from the settlers also came with negativity to the locals natives as the trade of blankets was not that welcoming as it was a means for the early settlers to spread smallpox to the natives. The natives’ immune systems were poor as compared to the settles this made them weak and easy to conquer after being poisoned. Also, lead to war, slavery, and territorial dispute. The relationship was uneasy the two cultures differed in language, customs, lifestyles. the Europeans viewed the Natives Americans as uncivilized, ignorant heathens, uncouth, unsophisticated, dirty, and unethical. Concerns came from missionaries with the introduction or religion in America. this not only affected their social status but also their culture and values2.

The hardship encountered by early settlers started in their voyage, they had less food, diseases were uncontrollable few children survived the trip. Scurvy seasickness, dysentery, fever, and other diseases killed them before they arrived. Winter in north America was much more colder as compared to Europe winter this was a challenge to the early settlers a good example is ,“The first English Colony on Roanoke Island what is now North Carolina, “the Lost Colony.” The entire original colony disappeared.” Due to weather hardship diseases such as Malaria, dysentery, yellow fever, small pox was a common feature. Colonies experienced sickness, starvation, and conflicts with the Native American cultures, such colony was Jamestown which undergone a major blow of hunger and diseases stricken early settlers3.

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European and Native American Culture.
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Religion has contributed a lot to the history of America. At Cape Henry, in Virginia the first Episcopal Church was established in April 1607.

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