EU and South Caucasus Challenges and Actions for Cooperation

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on EU and South Caucasus Challenges and Actions for Cooperation. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. This research study analyses Azerbaijan’s relations with its significant neighbors and other global players so as to see how Azerbaijan can able to preserve a balanced approach in its foreign policy, steering politically between conflicting geopolitical interests and goals of the different nations in the South Caucasus. It is recommended due to its preference in foreign policy and with significant emphasis on its economic development, Azerbaijan should try to maintain an independent approach.

Geographically the South Caucasus refers to the region located in the South of the Great Caucasus mountain range, uniting Europe and Asia by the implicit line of continental stability. Politically the South Caucasus belongs to the general naming of the Caucasus along with the separate part of the Northern Caucasus, which is situated in the Russian Federation. The South Caucasus consists mainly of three sovereign states such as Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Georgia (Simao & Freire, 2008, p.225). These are the post-soviet countries. The South Caucasus region has been widely regarded as a single region by external actors, especially by the European Union (Ghazaryan, 2008, p.5). However, it is not a homogeneous one. Rather, people living in the region experience high diversity in terms of ethnic and racial cultures, languages, and religious confessions. Thinking by personal experience, there are at least three different regions with three different races namely Georgians, Azeri, and Armenians with three different religions namely Azeri Muslim, Georgian orthodox Christians and Armenia Gregorian Christian.

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EU and South Caucasus Challenges and Actions for Cooperation
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Thus, one can come to the conclusion that because of the divergent cultures, it is very difficult to develop cooperation on its internal and external levels. Yet, diverse countries tend to cooperate. For example, Azerbaijan entered a bilateral trade investment treaty with Georgia in August 1996. Free trade agreement between Azerbaijan and Armenia was entered on 1 October 1999.&nbsp.

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