Ethnicity confers to relationship aspect but not a property

I need some assistance with these assignment. ethnicity confers to relationship aspect but not a property of a group Thank you in advance for the help! Migrations that increased communication and interaction between communities such as computers, trade, the mass media and tourism, people started recognizing their distinctive characters. In the world today, there is an increasingly high number of ethnic groups in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas and elsewhere in the world who are seeking their self-determination as a people with a distinct and superior character. There have been fights for these ethnic groups to be accepted as independent nations 2. These ethnic groupings are presented as having sufficient knowledge about their rights. They view the state as having a clearly defined group identity that confers special advantages.

In this direction of the argument, are prompted to imagine that ethnicity is a product of a group? They provide answers to such questions cannot be easy to hunt and get anyhow. It requires a critical analysis of various concepts that surround the definition of ethnicity as embraced in different categorizations in the world today 3. Moreover, why is it that as people relate more, the more the conflict between them has increased? Ethnic conflicts have been the defining aspect of the differences that are cherished by varied groups of people. The increase in the interaction between people has also resulted in more stereotypes about race, culture and ethnic groups. The cultural differences between groups of people have gradually been lost through globalization. However, people have continued to get different in newly invented ways. To say that ethnicity is an aspect of a relation informs us that the sustained dialogue between individuals and groups is necessary. Ethnicity as relation has its humble beginning in the relation between two persons. Each has a distinctly defined cultural background. The aspect then extends to the interaction and communication between and within local and global organizations.

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Ethnicity confers to relationship aspect but not a property
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