Ethnic News Organization oriented to US readers

Dear students:This is the list of ethnic news organizations you can choose in order to write your final paper, 3,000-word assignment. 1. Japan Daily Press, 2. The Irish Times, 3. China Daily USA, 4. The African Times, 5. America Oggi, 6. Arab Times, 7. Jewish Daily Forward, 8. Caribbean Life News, 9. The South Asian Times, 10. El Diario La Prensa, 11. Times of India,12. Russian Times USA, 13. Black Star News, 14. Hamodia Daily of Torah Jew, 15. The Korean Herald, 16. Bowery Boogie17. The Filipino Reporter, 18. The Amsterdam News, 19. The Irish Echo, 20. Korea Daily.The paper is due on August 8th at Midnight.FINAL PAPER TOPICSThe final paper is about your research on an Ethnic News Organization oriented to US readers. It means: a no-mainstream newspaper, one that serves a specific community.Here you have a long list of all the issues you can write on your final paper.You should try to cover most of them.Your final paper should be a mix of research and opinion. Certainly, you may need to get a copy of the newspaper and, if possible gets some information from editors, publishers, writers, advertisers. You should try to interview people from the community served by the newspaper.Example: If you chose The Korean Herald. You may want to go to a Korean neighborhood in New York City, and so some research. Where do people get the newspaper? Is it free or you have to pay for it? interview a few people who belong to the community, you can video them, and send the video to the instructor (on top of the paper) as “evidence” of your work for the assignment.LIST OF TOPICS:IMPORTANT:YOUR NEWSPAPER SERVES A SPECIFIC COMMUNITY IN THE US. IT IS NOT PART OF MAINSTREAM MEDIA.*Ethnic media sometimes serves the community and sometimes is just a business trying to find a niche, an opportunity to get some advertising money offering c to a public that needs them. It is difficult to be balanced. Is this media organization servicing the community or it was created just as a way to make advertising money?*Describe the average target audience of this media organization: ethnicity, age, average income, and any other relevant information*Did you find any connection between this media organization and any Big Media conglomerate? Explain the connection.*Where does the media organization get the money to cover the expenses of journalists, reporters, designers, etc? Tell us about the advertising you found in this newspaper (the most important ones)*Do you find this media organization is liberal or conservative? Does it appeal to a more liberal audience or to a more conservative audience? Explain why. Do you find some of the news published by the newspaper are biased?*How ethnicities, race, women are treated in this media organization?*What do you think is the major connection between this media organization and its audience/readership/viewers?*Tell us about the different platforms used by this media organization: Print/ TV/Online. How do they are connected, how often the website is updated? How often they publish a new edition? How do they use Social Media (Facebook, Twitter) to reach their target audience?*Does this media organization get the information from Press Agencies? Which ones? (AP/Reuters/UPI, EFE)*Is this media Organization serving a community in a Specific Region or is serving a certain ethnicity in different regions in the US? A brief history of the media organization. How this is showed in the content of the newspaper?*Is the journalism (could be entertainment journalism) presented by this media organization a “High Quality” journalism (Is it credible? Do they specify their sources? Is it objective?) or not.*Point details that could be improved by this media organization in order to serve its audience with better quality journalism.*Try to talk to someone who gets his/her information from this source, and share with the class the experience of this person. What are the good things and bad things about this newspaper/ website?

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Ethnic News Organization oriented to US readers
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