Ethical Manuscript. 

Nursing care is given to people in all health care surroundings. Increasing difficulties and rapid changes in health care arises the need to develop patient care, technical advances, revolutionize the practice of nursing and so on. Nursing theories do not give direction on how to care for the adults and elderly, or on how to sustain them in the developmental process of aging. Therefore, there is a need to increase a nursing care model that in excess of modern theories takes an aging person into deliberation. Others agree that nursing needs to increase more circumstances that would create certain theories to guide nurses on how to treat the aged people. The two main new theories in nursing are – “the functional consequences theory and thriving theory” (Mauk, 2010, p.65). Nurses are mainly depended on for managing this detonation of new equipment, frequently without knowledge of their basis. While equipments and new procedures offer chances to progress health care delivery, actual and potential impacts arise with relation to these new procedures as well as tools and can be a reason for medical errors committed by them. Multidisciplinary methods regarding patient care require nurses to be obedient of the implications of evidence-based performance on the control of nursing. Nursing shortage means a condition where the demand for nursing experts, for instance registered nurses, exceeds the number of nurses actually available, locally, nationally or globally. In the book ‘Transformational Nursing Leadership: A Vision for the Future,’ Anne M. Barker suggests that most nursing departments have a written “philosophy of nursing, which states that nurses use the nursing process” (Barker, 1992). The stable purpose of the nursing division should contain some statement about the use of the nursing procedures. Frequently this is not affirmed in the departmental objectives. But sometimes, staff nurse candidates are questioned or chosen by considering their nursing procedure. (Transformational nursing leadership: a vision for the future, pg-133, 1992. Anne M. Barker.) Demographic transformations in the coming decades may be worsened due to the shortage of nurse assistants in hospitals as well as homes. As the population grows, demand for nurse assistants is expected to grow dramatically, while the supply of workers who have traditionally filled these jobs will remain almost unaffected. Following are the impacts that scarcity of nursing causes to the health care manufacturing and the state financial system: •Nursing is a well-paid profession as compared to the rising number of low-wage service jobs being formed. This raises independence and reduces the need for assistance. • The nursing career increases job opportunities and thus results in employment of people. •Dislocated employees can get a full time job and ensure good wages with the help of nursing. This is chiefly true in the case of rural areas like Minnesota, where job chances are restricted.

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Ethical Manuscript. 
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