Ethical Issues Concerning Vulnerable Populations in Clinical Trials

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Ethical Issues Concerning Vulnerable Populations in Clinical Trials. It needs to be at least 2500 words. The realities of being participants in these inhuman medical researches would be revealed during the Nuremberg trials which took place after the War had been won by the Allies.

Medical research no longer uses helpless victims as unwilling to research participants today. However, there are still ways in which research participants can be disadvantaged because they may not know all the facts pertaining to the research before agreeing to participate in it. In the recent past, health research has become increasingly global, and the use of clinical trials has brought to light new ethical issues (Siegfried, Clarke, Volmink, and van der Merwe 6). Today, clinical trials form a huge and expensive enterprise in which companies related to the healthcare sector can invest more than $100 million to test new products for the health sector market.

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Ethical Issues Concerning Vulnerable Populations in Clinical Trials
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A clinical trial basically describes a research study in which human participants can offer or be engaged to participate by giving answers to particular health questions. Essentially, the simplest and most cost-effective way to find new treatments that would help sick people is by carrying out clinical trials. Clinical trials may be used to study different things. For instance, some may be conducted in order to study prevention options, while others may be conducted to test the effects of newly manufactured drugs on sick people (Legerski and Bunnell 440). There are other clinical trials that basically study the effect of newly discovered diagnostic techniques and others that test the veracity of alternative treatments that are suggested for patients with grave medical conditions.

In general, clinical trials are usually carried out according to a program known as a protocol that describes what kinds of research participants the study will benefit from. The protocol also carries information about the schedules of procedures, tests, and drug dosages that the participants will be exposed to.

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