Ethical decisions in leadership

One of the candidates that Lael has to evaluate is Liz who is African American with four years of experience in the company, which indicates her knowledge regarding the organizational operations. Promoting her would be a sign of cultural diversity and equality in the company. Roy is the second candidate who has worked for the longest period with the company, and in the industry. His performance in the organization is indisputable, although his ratings are on average. The third candidate is Quang who has worked in the company for three years and was among the best performers in the university. She is dedicated to her work and demonstrates a methodical management style.

The major problem is the fact that there are various influences that may affect Lael’s decision, which raises questions as to whether Lael should ignore her own feelings regarding Liz to please the senior managers who are interested in the promotion. However, they too have different opinions regarding the most suitable candidate. It is difficult for Lael to choose between Roy and Quang who are supported by people in the upper management. In addition, Roy’s marriage to the vice presidents daughter could mean a lot to the organization’s relations with the government, which strengthens Lael’s ethical dilemma.

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Ethical decisions in leadership
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The facts that might have a bearing on this problem include. issues regarding equality in the workplace whereby the marginalized groups need to be given a chance to demonstrate their potential. Mitch et al. observe that in the contemporary workplaces, managers are faced with the dilemma of accomplishing a balance among the workers in regard to gender, race and ethnic background (71). The major issue is the fact that regardless of gender, the potential candidates usually have distinct qualities that may be significant to the success of the organization. On the other hand, it is difficult to make a choice when all&nbsp.the candidates possess outstanding qualifications, yet if a candidate from a minority group is appointed, the other candidates from the mainstream culture may develop a negative attitude whereby they may feel that their opportunities have been minimized by the employment of the minority.&nbsp.

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