Ethical Considerations in Nursing Education

More definitions have incorporated aspects such as viewing ethics to be principles that underlie decisions in order to conform to one or another standard of conduct. Looking at the concept of ethics, which also has to do with morality, it becomes clear that it constitutes laws that basically constitute the socially accepted rules of conduct and that have been established in order to protect the larger society (Bosek and Savage, 2007). Laws, at the same time, are rooted in wider values that are held by majority of people in any given society, and they function with intention to create order in activities that humans may be involved in (Bosek and Savage, 2007). As a result, laws largely tend to bring fairness and justice and this has to do with protection of the rights of individuals and society. To be moral or ethical, as individual would be largely acting or behaving in a specific way in order to accomplish particular ethical practices. This is particularly evident given that individuals, including nurses have different ideas of what they believe is moral, as well as how they interpret what constitutes moral experience. Individuals are not the same, and as a result, they are likely to possess different viewpoints concerning what is moral and what is not, a situation that is further likely to results into conflicting doctrines or theories about how people should live, as well as how everyday moral problems can be resolved. Billington (2003 cited in O’Connor, 2006) developed key aspects, which can be used to describe what constitutes morality and ethical practices.

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Ethical Considerations in Nursing Education
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